Bucharest Airport Shuttle
Bucharest Airport Shuttle

Full Day Trip from Bucharest to Slanic Salt Mine (7-8 hours)

Romanian Vineyards

Duration: 7-8 hours
Begin: 9 am at your hotel in Bucharest
End: aprox. 17 pm at your hotel


  • Transport with car/van/bus fuel included
  • English speaking guide/driver

Not included: Entrance fees (aprox. 4 Eur/pers. in total) & lunch (aprox. 10 Eur/pers.)

Itinerary (250 km):

Bucharest-Slanic Prahova

Visit the old salt mine (Salina Veche)

Slanic Prahova-Urlati
Lunch with wine tasting in a local traditional wine cellar


Number of persons travelling together Price in Euro per person
1 199
2 109
3 89
4-8 79

For a group of more than 8 persons, the price will be provided on request.

The Old Mine in Slanic Prahova The Old Salt Mine in Slanic Prahova

It is the largest salt mine in Europe and it is located in Slanic, Prahova County, Romania, just 100 km north of Bucharest. The salt mine is closed for extraction, but it is open for visitors, featuring a microclimate with natural air-conditioning and constant temperature and atmoshperic pressure throughout the year. The mine consists of 14 chambers with trapezoidal profiles, having a 10 m opening to the ceiling and 32 m to the ground, a height of 54 m and a wall inclination angle of 60 degrees.

Either you prefer to book by email (reservations@travelmaker.ro) or by telephone (+40 735 525 710) you will have to provide the following information at the time of booking:

  • the date when you prefer to do the tour (please note that the Castles are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
  • the time when you prefer to start the tour (between 7.30 am - 9.00 am)
  • the hotel you stay at (or other address) in Bucharest
  • full name and mobile telephone of the leading passenger
  • number of travelers
  • name and address to be written on the invoice

Remember that for all the reservations you will receive an email from us! If you don't get the confirmation email, the transfer is not booked!

Important! TravelMaker, as the company which organizes the trip, is not responsible if the visited sites are closed without prior notice and for any reason at the moment you arrive.

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